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AHA Beauty Set from Claude Lagny Day Cream + Night Cream Promotional introductory price The Fruit Acids Line AHA Say Goodbye to rough and dull skin Size: Day Cream 30 ml + Night Cream 30ml AHA Cleansing Gel AHA Beauty Set The Kit contains two products: 1) AHA Day Cream For smooth, radiant and younger looking skin. AHA Day Cream Contains moisturising active substances based on fruit-acids (AHA). It intensifies the cellular metabolism. Increases skin regeneration Stimulate the restructuring process leading to a youthful and smooth looking skin. Substantially slows down the ageing process. Deep moisturizing effect. Enhances skin radiance and firmness. Bleaches age, sun and other dark spots caused by increased melanin level. Product Data Skin Type For all skin types Ingredients Papaya extract Pineapple Extract Glycolic Acid Lactic acid Citric Acid (0.7 % free acids). pH-value 4,0 Natural Moisturising factors Application Apply in the morning on carefully cleansed skin. Exclude the eye area Size 30 ml AHA Cleansing Gel 2) AHA Night Cream For smooth, radiant and younger looking skin. AHA Night Cream contains highly active substances based on fruit acids (AHA) that increases substantially the moisture contents of the skin. AHA Night Cream reinforces and smoothes the skin structure. Its combinations of active substances increases cellular metabolism, revitalises, tautens and smoothes the skin. reduces visible lines and prevent the formation of new ones. Increases skin regeneration Substantially slows down the ageing process. It intensifies the cellular metabolism. Stimulate the restructuring process leading to a youthful and smooth looking skin. Enhances skin radiance and firmness. Bleaches age, sun and other dark spots caused by increased melanin level. Product Data Skin Type For all skin types Ingredients Papaya extract Pineapple Extract Glycolic Acid Lactic acid Citric Acid (0.7 % free acids) pH-value 3,5 – This is the most ideal pH value for an AHA night cream work effectively. Jojoba Oil Beeswax Application Apply in the evening on carefully cleansed skin. Exclude the eye area Size 30 ml Why Fruit Acids (AHA)? The fruit acids AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) product line from Claude Lagny is a breakthrough in skin care as it substantially improves the quality of the skin utilizing the wonder of fruit acids with outstanding effects. The new German bio-technology contributes to the safety and efficacy of AHA in the form of Free Acid. The benefits in skin care are as follows: – Revives and stimulates cell regeneration and cellular metabolism. – Smoothen fine lines, deep moisturizing and restoration of the skin firmness. – Increased skin radiance and improved skin tone. – Anti-bacterial and purification – Skin lightening and bleaching of dark sports. – Anti Ageing – Natural Peeling – Purely vegetal substances How it works: Fruit acids dissolve the inter-cell compound (Keratolysis) and this results in acceleration in cell division and skin regeneration, bleaching of pigmentation marks (sun spots, age spots, melasma), smoothening of sun wrinkles, increased collagen and elastin production in the skin. About Lagny: For over 30 years Lagny have been supplying the most prestigious beauty therapy salons and clinics in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with professional skin care products based on pure natural ingredients and formulated through advanced scientific and experimental methodologies that involve scientists, professionals and clients. In the late 1980s, professionals asked Lagny to produce retail size products that can be prescribed to clients for maintenance use at home. In the 1990s a complete and comprehensive retail line was launched and was available through exclusive salons and pharmacies. Makki Cosmetics Ltd is now offering these products online so clients can have a full professional skin care and treatment in their own homes. PS some salon products can not be sold direct to end users because these products can only be applied by professionals (Kaolin Base I and II, AHA intensive peeling treatments, etc), if you require these products please email me with your salon or clinic details. ———————————————————————————————– The Fruit Acids Line AHA Say Goodbye to rough and dull skin See Also: AHA Cleansing Gel AHA Vitality Tonic AHA Day Cream AHA Night Cream AHA Neck Cream AHA Serum AHA Eye Cream AHA Beauty Set More from Claude Lagny Natural Skin Care The Collagen Line Natural Skin filler & Anti Ageing The collagen line is based on native collagen the cementary substance of the connective tissue. Native Collagen has strong water absorption properties and therefore it retains skin moisture, promotes skin elasticity, improves skin tone and prevents formation of wrinkles. – Skin Plumper, Revitalises the skin – Anti Aging, Dramatically Reduces wrinkles – Excellent Moisturiser – More radiant and youthful skin Products: Day & Night Collagen Cream Collagen Mask Collagen Serum Collagen Intensive Fluid Collagen Beauty Set The Caviar Line Total skin regeneration & rejuvenation For dry, mature and demanding skin Why Caviar? The precious Caviar extract is rich in deeply effective ingredients, complexes and sea proteins that regenerate your skin, make it firmer, smoother and younger full of energy and moisture. Caviar Extract greatly supports the skins natural production of collagen, it transforms the skin and makes it firmer, stronger and younger looking, as smooth as marble. Caviar extract is very rich in vitamins A, D, B1, B2, B6 and micro-elements Co, Cu, P, Si, Zn as well as amino acids like glycine, lysine, histidine, arginine, asparagine, those ingredients substantially slow down the aging process by intensifying the metabolic processes inside the skin cells and their high moisture capture properties. intensifies the elasticity of the skin and restores its radiance, shimmer and luminosity. Products: Caviar Day Cream Caviar Night Cream Caviar Serum Caviar Eye Fluid Caviar Eye Mask Caviar Hydro Gel Liposome-Caviar Fluid Caviar Beauty Set The SATIN Line Care & Anti Ageing for normal skin based on plant extracts – Plant extracts ingredients – Anti ageing – substantially reduces the appearance of wrinkles and line – Retains skin moisture – special eye area care cream Products: SATIN Cleansing Milk SATIN Natural Tonic PEEL SATIN SATIN EYE CREAM SATIN Beauty Set The PURE Line Treatment & Care for oily, mixed and impure skin. Acne Treatment Products include special ingredients to treat, balance and regulate the skin. PROPOLIS is one of the main active ingredients, it is a bee product that bees make from various resins and use it to coat their hives to protect them from bacteria, viruses, fungi and other germs, no wonder beehives is the most sterile known environment. Antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antimycological and antioxidising effects. Ingredients include resins, balms, wax, ethereal oil and pollens. Natural antibiotic that regulates the skin flora, strengthens its resistance and reduces inflammation. Natural antioxidant. Products: Purifying Cream Purifying Mask Purifying Peeling Purifying Serum Creme Camphree Purifying Cleansing Foam Purifying Lotion Purifying Beauty Set The VITAMIN C Line Powerful Anti Ageing & Anti Wrinkle based on Vitamin C and other vital Vitamins Effectively enables the skin to produce its own Collagen Complete skin nourishment Vitamin C is essential for the production of Collagen, it supports the skin to increase its own production of Collagen Vitamin C taken orally has less benefit to the skin compared to vitamin C supplied directly to the skin in the form of cream or serum. Vitamin C is also antioxidant in its own rights and therefore it reduces the damage caused by the free radicals. supplying your skin with Vitamin C will dramatically reduces the formation of wrinkles and improves the skin’s tone, firmness and texture. The products also include other vital vitamins and ingredients in an excellent anti aging formula. Products: Vitamin C Cream Vitamin C Serum The Couperose Line for the treatment of spider veins, skin redness caused by visible blood vessels and capillaries Couperose is a condition when red blood vessels and capillaries become expanded and visible on the face. The walls of the capillaries expand to accommodate more blood flow which makes them bigger and visible. In normal circumstances the walls will contract shortly and won’t be visible. In the case of Couperose, the walls of the capillaries do not contract, they remain expanded and the red spider-net of blood vessels remain visible because the walls of the capillaries are weak, thin and lack elasticity so they remain expanded. Lagny has developed three products for the treatment and care of Couperose skin, Use Couperose cream and serum together in extreme cases of Couperose or use Couperose cream on its own in milder cases. Products: Couperose Cream Couperose Serum Relax Cream Special cream for sensitive skin prone to irritation Relax Cream is a soothing moisturising cream for sensitive skin prone to irritation. It has a cooling and revitalising effects and reduces swelling. It regulates the physiological equilibrium of the skin metabolism. Does not leave oily remains on the skin Product: Relax Cream Sun Care & Tanning Enjoy the sun safely Tanning and sun protection Products: Tanning Sun Milk Factor 4 Tanning Sun Lotion Factor 18 After Sun Gel

  • Type: Sets/ Kits
  • Application Area: Face
  • Treatment: Anti-Ageing
  • Brand: Lagny
  • Key Ingredient: AHA Alpha Hydroxy Acids (Fruit Acids)
  • Treatment Area: Face
  • Volume: 60
  • EAN: Does not apply

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